We wanted to express our gratitude for you (and your staff) posting so many informative articles relating to the lifestyle. We think many of them should be "required" reading, in particular, the articles relating to jealousy and being open to an alternative lifestyle.

Rick & Dayna
High Point, NC

"...I wanted to thank you for putting in so much effort and taking so much time in writing your profile. If everyone here tried at least half as hard as you have, there would be a lot less confusion and, ultimately, disappointment.

I really do appreciate that you spelled out your rules, your likes and your dislikes. It makes things so much easier. I may have to take a little time in the near future and do exactly the same.

Good luck in your pursuits!"

Linda (Hickory, NC)
We are a married couple. He is bi, she is bi-curious with a little experience. We would like to meet other couples in a safe environment for friendship and more. We are interested in your group because it is the first one we've come across that seems to really understand the dynamics of this lifestyle and the rewards and dangers involved.

R&K (Franklin, NC)
I subscribe to many Yahoo! Groups and Google groups dealing with Christianity and sexual sharing and your files section certainly is the most informative and helpful area that I have seen in any Christian/sharing/nudist site.

Keep up the good work and feel free to share information that you think may be of interest to me.

Warm regards,

(name withheld at his request)
I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate belonging to your Monkey Couples group on Yahoo.

I am a devoted Christian and am active in the mainstream protestant church all of my life. In the mid-1990s my ex and I got involved in lifestyle activities and enjoyed it very much and it also improved our intimate life as well is enhanced our communication. Sadly she developed a lust for alcohol which ultimately made her want to get out of the marriage and we were divorced in at her request.

As a single male it was somewhat difficult to continue with lifestyle activities but over the years I have developed friendships with two different married couples and see each of them a few times a year. I've also dated many single ladies most of them 50 years of age or older and was surprised that a number of them who had had fantasies about being with more than one person intimately at the same time. I have a single straight male friend and he is rather open minded. Over the years he and I have introduced six different ladies to the joys of an MFM encounter and most the ladies said that their only regret was not having had that experience earlier in their life. Two or three of these ladies then went on to enjoy encounters in foursomes and one of them discovered her previously unknown bi desires when I introduced her to one of my couple friends in which the wife was bi.

I just want to thank you for having such a great yahoo group and I have read through your files as you discuss the ability to have a strong Christian faith and yet enjoy the type of physical love that is possible in a group setting. While most of my sexual outlet is in a one-on-one situation there is something very special about the ambience of three or more people sitting around enjoying each other's company and pleasuring those of the opposite sex without regard the fact that they are someone else's spouse or partner. Of course I believe in responsible non-monogamy and do not get involved in cheating situations. I consider myself polyamorous and when I meet a new lady I am careful to tell her that I'm seeing others and am not monogamous.

I tried to explain my philosophy as follows: if we have a good friend we want them to enjoy the best things in life. If they read a great book, have a great meal, take a great trip, or see a great movie we are happy for them and are not jealous of the opportunity that led them to that pleasure. In the same vein I feel that we should also be happy for them if they have a great sexual experience or intimate interlude. When I tell someone this is usually rather shocking but after thinking about i a while many of them will come around to my way of thinking or least not think that my philosophy is intrinsically offensive. I also tell them that if I feel that way about the good things that happen to them they should also feel the same way if I have similar opportunities.

As a significantly older and a single person I have fewer opportunities to meet others in the lifestyle and probably have had more lifestyles encounters that included ladies who had no previous such experience. I would love to have the opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas with other people in the lifestyle and especially those in my age range, and not necessarily for the purpose of hooking up with them. I very much enjoy good conversation and not only learning from other person what they enjoy and what their experiences are, but, also learning about life experiences which it led them to be curious about or participate in lifestyle activities.

Life should be fun as long as fun is enjoyed responsibly and we do not take advantage of others or their vulnerabilities..

Again I want to congratulate you on a great yahoo group and I enjoy reading the postings and the files. I live in Virginia and if I were closer I would enjoy visiting your club for it's social aspects and not necessarily for intimate activities.

Best wishes and continue your great work,

(name withheld at his request)
Hi everyone, we were Christians before we were married and after we got married. Our sexual openess is a new thing and seemed to contradict our faith. I was reading the link from monkey couple and it opened my eyes to some things. Open the forum!!!

Phatnsexy, from: Silver City, NM

[posted on Christian Swingers (Kasidie.com)]

May I encourage you to apply for membership with Wisevirgin at

Wisevirgin's work is compiling not just his Links list for discerning Christians to possibly use, but all his other work (writings) is extremely encouraging to me, because Wisevirgin has literally worked on his site and on educating or having educational materials for any that contacts his site, etc. This I admire, as it shows a heart and a brain and EFFORT! God bless Wisevirgin!
Besides, lately I have been on the dumbest and yet most wrathful discussion board filled with churchies, and their total ignorance and total avoidance of studying anything is totally negative and disheartening. They are vile, so seeing Wisevirgin’s effort in printing up possible sources and His ever growing website Monkeycouple.com to me is INSPIRING and inspired.

He has done a whole lot of work in putting together references for validating swinging, sexual relationships and attitudes, etc. that can get you going sexually and stable emotionally.

It is more along the lines of sexual pleasure and sexual liaisons etc. rather than my Yahoo Group where I am more concerned about our spiritual and sexual relationship with the LORD.

It's the next step after you have grounded yourself in knowing that sex is not automatically a sin and can be rewarding if done right and with love. But on my SexySpiritualChristians Yahoo Group, if you had taken the time to read all the past posts, and taken them seriously our aim is not sexual pleasure but sexual empowerment in becoming ONE with JESUS through Cummunion. It's about our future sexual ceremonies of love, where we not only practice individual mating with the Lord but with each other in group lovemaking to the Lord of Lords.

And truly it is not for NOW, in my opinion it will only happen just prior to our GATHERING and thereafter till the END. A mere short four or five years of being ONE as the Lord told us to become.

So our focus right now, is much more prophecy than sexuality until we do gather, and the NEED becomes overwhelming and necessary to bind us together.

Therefore, because you seem to either not comprehend what has been written on my Yahoo Group or are afraid to ask or just are not having any sexual activity at all, do consider going to the MonkeyCouple.com website and his excellent Yahoo group for establishing a foundation in at least sexual pleasure and hopefully more experiences in sexual activity.

You just got to get going, the time is late, and you will need some experiences UNDER YOUR BELT in putting theory to practice, so that you have faith and knowledge about what is written.

So all the best over there..... And if you have questions, write them to SexySpiritualChristians, and ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS.

In His Love,

David Jordan

SexySpiritualChristains Yahoo Group

We have enjoyed your articles. We would like to boast we are drama-free, but we are a work in progress. Many of your pieces will only strengthen our relationship.

Russ & Amelia
First, thanks for putting up my 12 pillars of Polyamory. I was given the assignment of finding the Universal Field Theory of Polyamory and that is what came up.

Your Ten Commandments are delightful and awesome. As a sometime member of the swing community I can appreciate what you say. Swinging is a most acceptable way of meeting sexual variety needs but, as you well know, is heavy on drama unless the participants know how to do it. Your commandments need wide circulation.

Once upon a time I heard a lecture on open lifestyles to a Poly group. The speaker told the audience that they were the "Research and Development Arm of Society" and he is exactly right. I believe we are getting the "rules" down more and more and are opening up society to better expressions of our sexuality.

Your blog is most appreciated and I do hope it gets wider acceptance.

And I found the website and your file section is awesome too. What a wonderful collection of really good stuff on multipartnering.

Dr. Kenneth R. Haslam, MD
In charge of Collection at The Kinsey Institute
Hi Monkey Couple,

I just want to say I like your profile and attitude towards the swinging Lifestyle. There is something charming, it may be your casual way of writing, or the funny name Monkeycouple, in your profile and in your website.

Though a single now, over the years I have visited a few on-premise clubs in the Netherlands and California USA. I have a lot of respect for long term swinger couples. Their open mindedness and attitude towards life and relationship. Somehow your profile reflect those ideals as well.

Enjoy the your Lifestyle,


Hello Guys,
Just wanted to say thank you for having us Monday night at your get together. We both really had a great time getting to know y'all some and hope to do it again. We really liked all the other couples too. It was a very fun night and look forward to another one soon. Thanks again.