We are a Swolly Lifestyle couple (='s Swinger + Poly). Our home and work is in and around Burke County, North Carolina (which they call this area "NATURE'S PLAYGROUND").  All of our spare time is usually focused on promoting the Lifestyle through our Yahoo Forums, writings and blogs, then sometimes, we host an event.  On top of all that, we are also a Lifestyle Mobile DJ Service, an author, as well as Owner of a few groups.  As Lifestyle participants, or aka, labeled as Swingers, our true mindset is towards Poly.  Polyamory is always misunderstood by those that have not been in the Lifestyle long.

We are dutiful hosts with touchy-feely and entertaining abilities to teach any newbie on new feelings to expect, as well as on the deeper aspects.  With experience within the Lifestyle to meet the needs of all classes, size, sex and race, we also endorse other clubs and groups in total compersion without pointing fingers.

The main theme of this group is Monkeys.  Why?  Because us Monkeys love to swing when excited, whereas, us as "prime-mates" are also unique, open-minded and laid back.  We enjoy "monkey play" (everything else), verses the rougher "ape play."

Have you heard the Rock group, the Monkees, singing "Hey, hey, we love the Monkeys?  Well, us Monkeys love music and to sing too, Karaoke, that is.  Yet, this "Monkey Couple" loves to sing and swing, except we don't swing from trees!  

We are a couple that has NEVER had an argument, and we are indeed Soulmates!  The female of this couple is a fantastic shy listener and gets pleasure from people-watching, whereas, he enjoys creating the atmosphere.

If you enjoy making new friends and letting your hair down, like we do, then you would likewise enjoy some adult bonding with us; someone with no jealousy and is spiritually grown up.  We value your free time and privacy, likewise, do respect ours as well.  This is one couple that gets along well and invites you to help or attend any of the events that we host.  If not, then just ask for us to hang out together as your personal friends. Truly, we are a "friends-first" group.

Our goal is to make regular long-term friends that we can share and 'monkey' together with.  Typically at first, Lifestylers chat a bit, meets each other for dinner or coffee to determine chemistry, and goes from there.  We have truly enjoyed the Lifestyle and the wonderful friends and memories that last a lifetime.

To contact us, or ask us a question, feel free to head over to our CONTACT US page.


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