TBA:  All-Swingers, Clothing-Optional Nudist Campout!

Private Resort All-Swingers Campout

All-private, all-swingers, and all-lifestyle!  Optional nudity at a proposed quiet and very private resort located in the Upstate South Carolina area.  Forward this to all your friends, call or inquire, so we can make this happen; because, WITHOUT support, we can not do this alone.

Who owns a large RV, motorhome or camper for a proposed-time on-premise playroom?

We'll be doing seminars, dancing to the DJ, an all-nite bonfire, early morning coffee with breakfast, and the community buffet in the evenings. So let's get busy spreading the word!

TBA:  Sexy-Sizzling Couples Dance!

Couples Dance

Oh yeah... On-premise Club nights!  Oh yeah... TOTAL Hotel Takeovers!  We couples get together, meet, mingle and dance at a discreet location unbenounced to the public for our Members within the Lifestyle. This is for sexy-dressed couples and single females and EXCLUDES non-selected single males, EXCEPT for those that rotate as volunteered security or arrive and leave with their corresponding couple or female date.

Of course, there will be HIGH-ENERGY dancing, commercial disco lights and a professional live DJ! First and by all means, steps and measures are in place for you to become a member, then you'll definitely be invited to enjoy the regular happenings, and more--if you know what we mean!

There will be a donation at the door to co-op the shared costs. This will be private and for SERIOUS INQUIRIES that do NOT email us with only a one-liner of "when and where." NO approval if you have no swingers online profile ID name, and for adults 21 and over only!

STEPS TO RSVP:  Find our group on SwingLifeStyle, click on Hot Date or Events, add yourself to the attendance list, and then read the info or call us; but don't wait until the last minute as our time may be limited!  Register by calling us to help you RSVP, and/or to become a Member by phone.  Membership is required, totally free and involves simple communication (via email or by phone) of your contact info into our private database.

Seeking more information about our group and the upcoming events?  We appreciate your interest to meet the troop and will certainly introduce you to the tribe for some monkey play.  Monkeys love to swing, just not from trees!

A valid swingers profile ID posted somewhere online is heavily requested, and that lets us know that you are serious about the Lifestyle. The one Swingers profile website that we recommend is SwingLifeStyle.com and is FREE to use!  Establish your online personal ad there, click on GROUPS and type "Monkey Couples" and find others willing to play. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, we offer our mascot and prolific Yahoo group MonkeyCouples as well.

Membership into the MonkeyCouple.com's Roster/Database is totally Free. We feature free prizes, condoms and Lifestyle magazines upon entry at our events. Your pre-approved Membership registration is required to be included to RSVP any event with us. Please be considerate and not call at the last few minutes just before showtime.

Register today by email at info@monkeycouple.com, or call 828-221-0417 to inquire. Please no calls after 10pm.

Meet new friends and have good times. With your support, monthly events can and will happen, but it takes your support!


SWINGERS CLUB:  Many people who have not been to a swingers club venue have misconceptions. They think of visions of orgies when you walk in, and people trying to grope all over them. At a Swinger's event, they look surprisingly like regular nightclubs. You'll see drinking, dancing, conversation and flirting. The only difference there is that if a lady wants to get naked on the dance floor or dip into the hot tub, she usually can. Even if someone seeks to dress "bare as you dare" you certainly can, and often times, you may see some groping and/or sexual flirting as the night progresses. When you see "monkey business," this usually takes place in a special "hospitality" room (if at a hotel/ballroom party) or upstairs away from the main area for members (if at a "on-premise" club. Perhaps you are shy and desire only to explore a little more, by all means, go watch others, or go have your own fun there or within your private room.  Swing clubs differ from regular clubs because people tend to be much more polite.  The unsaid rule of a swing club is that you must ask first, and that the ladies control the action.  This is almost always respected.  You'll actually find the females to be a bit more aggressive than the males during the event.

Couples that have never attended such an event, should set their boundaries, tweak them, and abide by their own rules to be fully comfortable with moving forward in their sexual adventure. Just because you are at a club or party with a room full of swingers does not mean that everyone wants to automatically have sex with you. The majority of people in the lifestyle are very courteous and polite, especially if you communicate the fact that you are new to the lifestyle.  This type of venue usually is BYOB with FREE mixers and sodas, and usually offers a continental breakfast in the morning.  There, you can enjoy a great no-pressure place to listen to great tunes, drink and dance the night away with other lifestylers!

OFF-PREMISE CLUB:  Most public swinger events are off-premise, meaning no sexual intersertion within the Ballroom and not a peep of dirty-talk or adult exposure on public grounds, unless it is within a private hotel room.

HOTEL PARTY:  Don’t be shy if you have never been to a swingers function. The hottest events are at hotel takeovers. Usually there is a dress theme to keep things alive, new and different. The party doesn't end at Midnight; it's just getting started!  Who knows, you may fulfill one or many of your fantasies there. If applicable, just remember to wear a cover up when in any public area such as at the public restaurant, bar or hotel.  For simplicity, only one pre-ordained local hotel is recommended to keep all attending at the same place.

HOSPITALITY SUITE:  Usually at least two rooms adjoined together known as the “hospitality room" for after-party play. 

ATMOSPHERE:  The Golden Rule, as always, is...  Love the atmosphere “with all your heart, mind & soul,” and always strive to show respect whereas you receive the same virtue.

DRESS CODE:  The dress code is always casual with no theme requested, as we do not have a specific dress code unless recommended for such public event.  Semi-sexy attire is welcomed, and yet there are those that are more daring and dress up "sexier," but never feel obligated to do so. The main thing is, come mingle and have fun!

AFTER-PARTY:  After the hotel ballroom gathering, there is the optional after-party gathering where couples attend, and depending on size and popular vote, become either hotel or house party guests.  Some may want to stay overnight or others may elect to get more comfortable and secure their own hotel room.  The atmosphere there is much more private and suitable for maximum closeness.  There is no requirement to participate in the after-party and the liberty is always there to be comfortable in just pajamas or "bare as you dare."  Not all may want to go to a swingers’ house after-party, therefore, some guests at the Meet & Greet may elect to return home, stay behind to mingle more at that public setting, or return with us to a more comfortable location!

HOUSE PARTIES:  A private house party isn't open to everyone if the is crowd larger than we can handle; therefore, we may have to be very selective on who is asked to come.  This is our way of keeping the neighborhood happy and quiet; and don't won't to offend families with small children of seeing an accidental exposure or overhearing a non-appropriate conversation outside. Those invited and made reservations to stay with us overnight will be allowed to do so, else, make hotel reservations separately.  A House Party generally first consists of a public Meet and Greet.  The focus would be getting to know each other in a kosher way first and a perfect time to get to know someone invited or kindle-up a new friendship. Then perhaps at the house, we will mingle and socialize the evening away with more privacy. However, at a house party, perhaps dress “bare as you dare;” or wear the pajamas that you feel most comfortable in wearing.  When in the public arena, you may NOT dress revealing as you would in private.

RSVP:  Steps and measures require you to have a profile posted on SLS and to R.S.V.P. your profile name from there, as it also helps to know whom is attending all upfront and also glorify the club's attendance list. If you can't post a public profile, simply do so with a different city of residence and don't post a picture for the world to see.  The main objective to RSVP is because we refuse to post the address or location to any adult party publically, whereas your RSVP is your ticket to that location and entry; just don't RSVP and submit your Membership "at the last minute," as this takes from the pre-launch party preparation stage.  When a party is in PROGRESS, please do NOT be selfish and intend to join the Membership just for that event AT THE LAST MINUTE and expect to be further instructed regarding that corresponding event WHILE it is happening, as that takes away from the current focus.  Simply, we seek to know how many to prepare for upfront, and not be interrupted during pre-launch (before startup).

PRIVATE INVITES: Typically for a private house party, communicate within our group. Regardless, you should be on our membership list with FULL details about all that we ask for. Simply submit to us all of the requested membership details about you before you seek to attend any event.  The address to our event requires you to be a member and to RSVP.

LOCATION:  We NEVER publicly post a location to any of our events, but do so only to FULL Members that RSVP and communicate with us for that event's location to be privately accepted and notified of such address and directions.  Most of our public events are listed in the "Events" section at SwingLifestyle.com (see below).  Adding yourself there to the Party Attending List adds glory to the club as well as encourages others to attend the posted function, but doesn't guarantee entry into a party. By only with communication, approval of your membership, and your RSVP on SLS, will thus insure your entrance.  Be sure that you have read and agreed to our "Club Rules" and visited our "Membership" page.  Communication with us is simple with the many posted contact options found on our "Contact Us" page.  We do encourage you to go further and add yourself to Yahoo Group.  For best results, call us and ask for the "Monkey Couple."

MEET & GREETS When it comes to maximizing your time to gather around with lifestyle friends longer, we strive to make that possible for you with a Meet & Greet or at the Pre-Party.  We know it's been a tough year for every one and many have been out of work, thus a Meet & Greet fits the bill.  Perhaps a free function such as Karaoke, Dutch-treat dinner, take-out or covered-dish to a Pre-Party.  Unless the host/establishment of that particular party location requests an entry fee, in that case, we'll post a cover charge and/or split for food & drink. In the event of a Hospitality Room at a hotel is offered, it will be paid for by the donations of a generous couple or single booking such a room in their name.  Examples of Meet & Greets:  30 cent wings & $1 beers at a local restaurant, Karaoke bar, open-mic night, see a band,  G-Spot Teaching Seminar, or van rides to another swingers' function/group.

CO-SPONSOR:  Would you like for us to help with your own private Lifestyle event for just you and/or your interest group as mentioned on our MEMBERSHIP PAGE?  Optionally, you ask for us to request for others to attend, or just ask for us and us alone.  Regardless of whom we bring (your option), each one has been carefully interviewed and screened!   Consisting of a small group of couples (never a huge crowd), or request our whole group to be notified, your private party will NEVER be publicly listed, unless you specify it.  This keeps things more personal and private.  At times, we may attend a Hotel party function from another group as a added blessing to assist in their attendance.  We'll be glad to post any outside group's public party to our entire group if we are VIP and personally invited.

SLS:  The massive and popular Lifestyle profile site SwingLifeStyle.com, also known as "SLS", is where we post all of our upcoming public events. This is the most recommended place to meet others within the Lifestyle.  SLS offers free memberships with the liberty to view and email others.  With their "Add me to the list of attendees" feature, MonkeyCouple.com can know exactly upfront who plans on attending our posted venue function.  They also offer monthly, annual and Lifetime Memberships with full benefits.  To join for FREE, click on the banner below.


Remember, signing up on SLS alone does not reserve you to a spot at our next event, you must have a FULL and ACTIVE Membership on file with any club event you wish to attend.  Simple verbal contact only with us in making that reservation is not sufficient; again, you must follow simple steps and measures such as having FULL and ACTIVE Membership with us to attend any event we host.  Why?  Because we get your vow to keep details private, and, only those whom RSVP and have FULL ACTIVE Membership will know the exact location of such event.  To protect our members, details of our exact party locations may be first given to you over the phone if we don’t know you.

VOLUNTEERS:  Generally, if you are making your plans to be with us and intend to help with a party, do so by all means. Perhaps you may stay overnight with us at our home.  If interested in assisting, then by all means commit your time, chip in, volunteer and we will move a party forward and start plans.  Single Males would be allowed if agreed to help or are privately selected, or unless he is co-sponsored during the entire event by a couple or single female personally, then he must enter and leave with his sponsor. Any VIP member is welcome to donate the use of their hotel room as the prime-mate's "hospitality room." Perhaps two prosperous couples or single males would like coordinate their rooms side-by-side?  Volunteer positions are:  Party Coordinator, VIP Co-Host, DJ Assistant, Buffet Table setup & assistance, Security, Door Greeter Assistant, and After-Party Help, etc. 


We recommend DJ Rockin’ Raj as he works hard creating his huge collection of sexy sizzling (panty-dropper) Club songs that you wouldn't normally hear on the Radio!  He wows you with power-packed sound and ever changing commercial lights while rocking you all night with the classics and popular hits.  In addition to spinning his sexy tunes, Raj also provides optional 40,000+ karaoke songs (when requested).  For the true singing (Monkee) and swinging (Monkey) experience, you swinging singers can practice your songs under the spotlight.

DJ Rockin' Raj