1)  Thou shall be comfortable being naked in front of other adults. When within a private and erotic atmosphere, you agree to engage in some form of nudity or sexual activity, either with each other, while being watched, or while watching others. Flirtatiousness, friendliness and open-mindedness to sexuality is most appreciated. Persistent voyeurs in clothes is understandable for first-timers, if you are honest and talkative about such an insecurity.

2)  Thou shall set your rules beforehand.  Any rules or restrictions should be set by you and your partner together upfront beforehand, such as:  no means no, watch or be watched, others may touch or not, and whether to allow intercourse from others.  If you are not interested in someone, be straight with them to say "no thank you," then just leave it at that.  If you find no attraction, be polite to say "no attraction."  Be upfront and honest with everyone, it hurts worse when you are just ignored and just tell them you are not interested.  Say what needs to be said, as long as it doesn't offend anyone.

3)  Thou shall have history together.  You and your partner should have some history together and familiarity with each others’ emotional needs and treat swinging as an enhancement to your sexual relationship, rather than to replace a failed one.  An established and mature relationship manifests loving and honest communication, whereby, opens and eases natural curiosity towards responsible sexual freedom and attraction for others as innocent and enjoyable.

4)  Thou shall not be overwhelmed.  Good communication is critical and be sensitive to your partner’s needs and fantasies.  If the other seeks sexual activity or relationship, neither is physically harmful or in itself psychologically traumatic.  Be very clear about what you are doing and why.  Social activity is primary, and sexual activity is secondary; however, do insure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent inappropriate pregnancy and the transmission of disease.

5)  Thou shall not be a cheater.  Couples need not to be married, but neither of the couple is permitted if one attending partner is a cheater to his/her non-attending partner.  Responsibility, and most importantly, stability with regard to one's primary relationship is expected by all participants.  Never attempt to break-up a marriage.  Your primary emotional involvement should be properly reserved for your traditional "significant other" or spouse.  What if it were you or me that was being cheated upon while your lover gets what they want without being upfront or honest?  Treat others how you want to be treated.

6)  Thou shall not be jealous or fight.  Valid insecurities, uncertainties and fears may develop and being uncomfortable or uptight is normal in the beginning stages.  If you are not excited by the encounter, maybe the lifestyle isn't for you. Talk about your comfort rules BEFORE you join as a couple.  Remember, you don't have to be with everyone who approaches you.  You have the right to say NO or STOP anytime it quits being fun.  This should be a pleasurable experience, not painful.  Give an honest answer if something doesn’t click.

7)  Thou shall be discreet at all times.  This club requires a membership for entry, for discretion, and for privileged access to private house or hotel parties as well.  Approved memberships strengthens the club, and for all members, it insures that only real swingers attend our parties and events and not those who are pretending to be one.  Restrict discussions of swinging to known swingers and interested persons seeking information.  It is not our place to convince someone to join outside of The Lifestyle! 

8)  Thou shall have proper etiquette at all times.  Without being a jerk and disrespectful, relax and be yourself.  We are here to make your evening enjoyable. Report any problems with other members immediately.  Respect for the personal attitudes, feelings and "hang-ups" of other swingers goes a long way!  No participant deceives anyone to get them involved in any activity or relationship; neither will activity or relationship endanger any existing viable intimate relationship.

9)  Thou shall be private at all times.  Who you see, hear and what happens at our club meetings is to be kept PRIVATE.  Sharing inside club activities with non-members would terminate your membership and adds extra sorrow unto us to keep out those who would not respect what this club is all about.  Protect the anonymity of other swingers by refraining from unauthorized "name dropping."  Likewise, all club information is to be strictly confidential, including other members names and party locations must be kept discreet for the protection of all our members.

10)  Thou shall not use force or do anything illegal at all times.  Never, under any circumstances exert pressure on a partner to swing.  Without consent, there will be no photos or videos taken at the meetings.  Do not steal or destroy another person’s property.  No Drama, no drugs, and/or no disorderly conduct of any kind will be tolerated.  Smoke where smoking is allowed.  No one under the ages of 18 is permitted to attend or join—PEROID!  If under the ages of 21, that is, ages from 18 thru 21, three forms of club approved legal identification is required!!


And also agree to the following:

1. Each member, when joining and every time you attend one of our events, clearly agrees to abide by these ten’s rules as stated here above as the membership agreement (aka The Club Rules).
2.  Each member understands that these events are for entertainment purposes only, are adult in nature, and are not for any personal gain.
3.  Each member will never attend under false pretenses; and further agrees that they are neither part of any branch of law enforcement or acting on the behalf of any religious group.
4.  Each member reserves the right for the Party Hosts to leave at any time and further reserves the right to be asked to leave for any reason, and/or to be permanently banned from the group and from any future events.
6. Each member accepts being sued for up to $10,000,000.00 for the right to disclose such information to any media outlet or publish any pictures taken secretly at an event.
7. Contact to further discuss your attendance at an event.
. Attend the new couples' seminar at your first meeting (if applicable).

IF you agree to all terms above, be sure to join our Membership here on our MEMBERSHIP PAGE.