If you are truly sincere about attending any of our events, you must find it in your heart to meet ALL of our Membership requested information.  At minimum, you should be on our MEMBERSHIP EMAIL LIST.  Maybe you are just requesting information to become a Member or to have us contact you personally, then ask for such.  Or when our next public event date comes up, you might be notified by email; but can only happen, IF, you have given us your email address.  If all you care to do is give us your email address, then all we give you is a little in return.  Maybe you are just curious, then send us an email with the subject "Please add me to your Membership List" or Click here:  INFO@MONKEYCOUPLE.COM.



If you share more about you, then that enables us to trust you as a serious swinger and not just a curious thrill-seeker.  Simply give us more of your contact information.  What we do with this information is TOTALLY discreet, hidden, and for the owners' eyes only.  If ever in conversation with us, discreet information about you such as your job or family is NEVER shared outside of our conversations!  All of what you tell us is 100% discreet and safe.

FULL Membership is granted because you give us all the information that we require (listed below):

1)  Tell us that you have read AND agree to all of our MONKEYCOUPLE.COM's TEN COMMANDMENTS.

2)  Copy/Paste and complete the below CONTACT INFORMATION for approval:


Couple, Single Female, Single Male, or Married playing Single: ______________ .

Your Age(s):  ______ & ______ .

Your swingers profile ID name posted (required):  __________________ .

Your YAHOO MESSENGER ID name (if applicable):  __________________ .

Your email address:  __________________ .

Your contact phone number:  __________________ .

Your Residential City & State:  __________________ .

Your first name(s):  __________________ & __________________ .

Write a small paragraph of what may be unique about you:

EXAMPLE:  Beginner or experienced, full-swap or no-swap, straight only, we are members of..., would like to try..., something personal or bonding, etc.



Choose your top three choice Interest Groups: from below should there be an invite for you within that interest group:

1st Choice ___________________

2nd Choice ___________________

3rd Choice ___________________


STRAIGHT (a single or couple playing non-curiously)

BEGINNERS (at least one member has "wet feet" or seeking perspective)

BI-SEXUAL (non-offence to sexual touch or more by same sex)

NUDIST (enjoys naturism or camping in the nude)

POLYAMORY (more than one intimate relationship)

INTERRACIAL (a sexual relationship of two different races)

YOUNGER (couples or singles aged below 28, and over 20)

SENIOR MONKEY  (couple or single aged OVER 49, that is, a Maturist)

DISCREET MONKEY (a professional in the public's eye)

TRAVELER (frequent ability to travel far from home, differs from Bikers)

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (two non-regular NSA singles)

SPIRITUAL CHRISTIANS (sexual Christian swingers that would enjoy a Bible Study)

BIKERS (those that love to ride motorcycles with other swingers)

BBW/BBM (Big Beautiful Woman or Big Beautiful Male)


Lastly, since we request "mature" or "experienced" Lifestylers, you are then requested (but not required) to join our Yahoo Forum Group to become part of articles, posts and discussions.

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By providing us all the above Contact Information about you to us, either by phone, Yahoo IM, or by email, then we will complete your swinger's profile background check on you, but only if you have read and understood and agreed upon the MONKEYCOUPLE.COM TEN COMMANDMENTS.

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